Crystal Digital Deadweight

nVision lets you visualize measurements graphically, with or without a PC, in real time as trio being recorded. It is much easier to identify trends or anomalies once It than in tables of data or spreadsheets.

nVision is tremendously flexible and can be configured to measure and record a variety of combinations of measurements. In addition to pressure, modules for temperature, voltage, and current can be used.

Because all of these inputs can be displayed individually as numbers or as graphs or in combination with other inputs (numerically and graphically) we also provide a way to simplify nVision, so you can limit the available screens to only those that are of use to your specific task.

Accuracy is up to 0.025 percent of reading—so any nVision can typically replace several gauges or calibrators you may have been using. The nVision is fully temperature compensMed—so there is no change in accuracy throughout the entire operating temperature ranges!

The nVision features two identical bays allowing configuration of the reference recorder to meet your requirements. All modules are field-replaceable allowing you the flexibility to react to changing needs and module calibration requirements

The nVision case is made from a rugged injection molded polymer utilizing a gasket to seal the enclosure against dust and water intrusion. Even the mini USB B connector is fully sealed (with or without the protection boot cover). Circuitry is mounted in a shock-absorbing elastomeric system and the batteries are easily accessible by removing four captive screws.

Other features include:

  • Log and display 500,000 points at up to 10 readings per .cond on up to two modules simultaneously
  • Interactree real-time graphing of measurements
  • AM/ IECEx Scheme intrinsically safe (nVision Reference Recorder only)
  • IP67 rated enclosure—I meter immersion for 30 minMes InVoion Reference Recorder only)
  • Uses Crystal’s Ur’ fittings and hose system (leak-free and finger-tight to 10 000 psi (700 bar)) 

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