Data Management

Understanding our customer data management concerns, Stranco offers a document control system that stores a multitude of job specific documents into an
online accessible digital folder system. The user is able to view and print job specific drawings, charts and signed reports through a secure portal.
All documents can be shared to multiple users via email invitation.

Flange Management System (FMS)

Through accurate and timely documentation, the customer is assured that all process system flanges identified have been mechanically completed in a controlled
manner, recorded and documents securely stored for easy access. A complete and secure document control system that minimizes downtime cost and eliminates
integrity issues.

Benefits associated with adopting a Flange Management System include:

Basic Management System

    • Access to documents:
      • Drawings
      • Torque reports
      • Technician certifications
      • Equipment certification
    • Increased Productivity
    • Zero leaks at startup
    • Ensures asset integrity

Additional Benefits Using Stranco

    • No additional cost to end user
    • Drawings are flange mapped prior to project commencement
    • Real time document uploads
    • Secure online access to documents
    • Installation of torque tags
    • Additional associated service documents (pressure testing, etc.) can be merged with work packages

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