Flange Facing Equipment

Enerpac’s FF120 Quickface is a lightweight, easy to use, safe compact tool Mat .n be us. to quickly resurface a flange face. It easy to use and only requires one person to operate.

  • Refacing made easy – hand-operated machine tool can be set up anywhere without the need for air, electronic or hydraulic power support.
  • Lightweight and portable – easily transported to remote locations for increased product.
  • Adjustable cutting range for flange diameters between 1-12 inches [125,4-304,5 mm]
  • Interchangeable collets for ID mounting range from 1-6 inches allowing the user to work on many different flanges with minimal time between set-ups.
  • Interchangeable lead screws suitable for refacing damaged raised- face (RF), flat-face (FF) or lens-ring joint flanges.
  • Tool body with expanding collets .centers itself providing real concentric operation

FF-120 Supplied with carrying case, interchangeable collets, and cutting blades.

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