Flow Meters

The NuFlo Liquid Turbine Flowmeter is a rugged versatile sensor capable of handling a wide variety of liquids including many types of slurries and suspensions. The flowmeter contains a rotor secured to a tungsten carbide shaft. The shaft is supported at each end in tungsten carbide bearings. The rotor is made of a magnetic material, while the flowmeter body is non-magnetic. A magnetic pick up consisting of a magnet and coil is mounted externally in the body and the same plane as the rotor. Fluid moving through the flow meter causes the rotor to rotate at a speed proportional to the fluid velocity. The rotor blades cutting the magnetic field in the vicinity of the magnetic pick up create a frequency single proportional to the fluid velocity. This signal is used to represent flow rate and can be accumulated to totalize the volume of liquid through the flowmeter.

  • Threaded
  • Grooved
  • Flanged
  • EZ-IN
  • WECO 1502

Flanged End Connection

Turbine flow meters with flanged end connections are available in both raised-face (RF) models and ring-type joint (RTJ) models. Flanged materials can be carbon steel or stainless steel. All flanged NUFLO liquid turbine flowmeters are equipped with slip-on flanges, which are then welded to the outside of the meter rather than being welded to the end of the meter body. Thus, the flange never comes into contact with the fluid being measured. The flanges are designed to mate with ANSI B16.5 flanges.

Grooved End Connection

Flowmeters with grooved end connections are available in 7/8″ through 8″ sizes.

EZ-INEnd Connection

Series BF turbine flow meters with EZ-IN connections provide a cost-effective alternative totypical flanged-meter applications. Series BF meters with EZ-IN Connections offer the accuracy, rugged construction, and maintenance-free operation of conventional NUFLO flow meters plus the following advantages:

  • Lower installation cost
  • Less expensive than a conventional, flanged meter
  • Spreader nuts enable easy removal and inspection
  • The raised-face EZ-IN meter will mate to any flange rated ANSI 150# to 1500#. The ring-joint (RTJ) version will mate to ANSI900#, 1500# or 2500#RTJ flange (specify flange type when ordering)
  • CE-marked 8″ x 8″ EZ-IN RF requires special centering rings

WECO 1502 Union End Connection

Flow meters with 1502 end connections are commonly used in high-pressure oil well service applications. Meter sizes 1″, 1-1/2″ and 2″ have 2″ union end connections with a wing nut on one end and thread on the other end. The 3″ meters have 3″ union end connections with the option of a wing nut on one end and thread on the other, or threads on both ends. All NUFLO WECO 1502 union end meters have two pickup adapters.

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