Equipment that can satisfactorily seal and isolate pipelines has been in great demand as this function is a major requirement during any inspection, maintenance, alteration or repair program. The primary function is to test welds, but sometimes it is also necessary to carry out hot work and the isolation of systems that are no longer required.

Test plugs enable operators to perform localized pressure testing of new or existing flange welds, negating the often laborious and time consuming need to flood and dewater the entire system. These tools are easy to use and can be operational within minutes and there are no requirements for any additional specialist tools or equipment.

Stranco provides a wide range of plugs and testers to suit most requirements which range from atmospheric to high-pressure applications.Our Double Block & Bleed plug allows the operator to monitor the downstream conditions. Specially designed seals allow greater radial clearance where the weld bead is excessive, a feature that also allows the unit to seal in pipes suffering from pitting.



    • Verifies the integrity of welds and pipe.
    • Reduces time and costs required to repair and test welded joints.
    • Minimizes purge costs and associated waste.
    • Low and high- pressure applications.
    • Requires minimum test medium.
    • Prevents backpressure build-up during tests.
    • Improves safety with two compression seals.

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