For more than a decade, the oil and gas industry has relied on Stranco for safe and efficient pipeline solutions and equipment. Operators, Fabrication, and construction companies depend on us for a variety of pipeline projects ranging from flushing; cleaning and pipeline pressure testing to dewatering and pipeline abandonment.


With our facilities strategically located throughout the I-10 corridor of tactically situated service facilities and our project development expertise, Stranco is the ideal offshore partner.From the continental shelf to deep water, Stranco is well equipped to handle even the largest, high-pressure jobs.

Onshore, Stranco brings you a world of experience in pipeline pressure testing, pipeline cleaning and drying on both new and existing pipelines of all sizes. We are an industry leader in providing safe and environmentally responsible services.


    • Pipeline abandonment
    • Flooding
    • Hydrostatic testing
    • Pipeline cleaning
    • Pipeline drying
    • Purging
    • Pipeline pigging

Our technicians are capable of servicing a wide range of energy projects -from offshore oil and gas platforms to refineries, petrochemical plants, gas processing plants, and power plants. We confirm system integrity and enhance efficiency by getting your systems online safer, faster, and cost effectively.

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